Cognac-coloured leather lace boot / € 269,95  incl. VAT

This chic, cognac-coloured leather lace boot is finished with cobalt blue colour accents.

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10670/00 - Cognac-coloured leather lace boot

Floris about this shoe:

These shoes are made according the Goodyear production method. We cannot add more craftsmanship! Each part is customised by hand in our factory here in Moergestel. You will come across poetic professional jargon, such as patching, spraining, side licking, cutting and 'sloping'. It makes my cobbler’s heart beat faster... We have made shoes this way for centuries. Initially completely by hand and after the industrial revolution with the help of machines. At the end of the production process the side of the sole is given the right colour with a brush dipped in stain. Without spilling! That tray with stain is placed about 30 metres from the desk where I am typing on now. Producing shoes... we really love it here.

  • Cognac-coloured leather lace boot
  • Cognac-coloured leather lace boot
  • Cognac-coloured leather lace boot
10670/00 - Cognac-coloured leather lace boot

Product information


  • Elegant lace boot
  • Cognac-coloured calf's leather
  • Decorative stitching on the sides
  • Electric blue suede leather colour accents on the vamp
  • Electric blue laces made of waxed cotton
  • Cobalt blue rubber sole with an animal print
  • The heel is made of several layers of leather
  • Width H
  • Shoe last 137
  • Matching belt: 75046/00
  • Matching cleaning and care products: Carbon Wax