Black nubuck leather lace shoe / € 219,95  incl. VAT

This sporty lace shoe is made of black nubuck leather. Special details are the 'hiking boot' lacing eyelets and the laser-cut Floris van Bommel logo on the back of the soles.

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16464/11 - Black nubuck leather lace shoe

Floris about this shoe:

“Even if we, as designers, design the entire shoe, each of us really only designs a small part of it. There are many more designers involved in the production chain before we step in. Take the lace hooks on this shoe, for example. They come from our lace hook supplier in Portugal. The owner is obsessed with his profession. These hooks are his design. And so every step in the chain has its own designers. The tanners work with designers for the leather, and the suppliers of chemicals for the tanning process have designers, too. They have to work far ahead, and acquire knowledge of the popular looks in three years from trend agencies, who of course also work with designers. So, during the whole process of making a shoe, quite a few designers are involved. All of them have contributed to a nice casual sneaker with a cool zig-zag pattern at the heel and a double tongue under the laces (I could joke about the fact that we came up with the idea for the double tongue after 2 bottles of red wine, but I better leave it at that.)”
  • Black nubuck leather lace shoe
  • Black nubuck leather lace shoe
  • Black nubuck leather lace shoe
16464/11 - Black nubuck leather lace shoe

Product information

  • Sporty lace shoe     
  • Black nubuck leather        
  • Finished with typical hiking boot lacing and metal eyelets    
  • The rear of the soles is finished with a laser-cut Floris van Bommel logo    
  • Black rubber zig-zag on the heel    
  • Metal lacing eyelets with black laces    
  • Black rubber cup sole finished with a dark grey zig zag illustration on the sole    
  • Finished with a unique sneaker sole designed by Floris: The "F-patterned" sole    
  • Black leather footbed, removable    
  • Shoe last 761    
  • Width G½    
  • Ago style    
  • Matching belt: 75202/43    
  • Clean and care product: Carbon Pro Spray