Size guide Floris van Bommel

Shoe size

Van Bommel shoemaking is still a matter of craftsmanship and we continuously strive to create the best fit possible. But it is also this very aspiration which can make it more difficult to determine your right shoe size. Below you will find a size conversion chart detailing UK sizes in centimetres and how these numbers translate into European sizes for you to easily determine your size.

UK size Cm
EU size
5 24,3 38
5,5 24,7 38⅔
6 25,1 39⅓
6,5 25,4 40
7 25,8 40⅔
7,5 26,3 41⅓
8 26,7 42
8,5 27,1 42⅔
9 27,6 43⅓
9,5 28,0 44
10 28,4 44⅔
10,5 28,9 45⅓
11 29,3 46
11,5 29,7 46⅔
12 30,1 47
12,5 30,6 48
13 31,0 48⅔

Fit of the shoe

In order to find a shoe that fits the width of your foot, we offer three different widths. You can click on the different widths to see all shoes in that width.

In addition to the length and width, the type of shoe last also determines the fit of a shoe. You can see the width of a shoe on every product detail page. You can also filter your search by G width, G ½ width and H width so that you only get to see certain shoe widths. Every shoe is available in one width only. We work with numerous types of shoe lasts. The last also gives clues about how tapered the toe area is and what the height of the instep is going to be like.

Lastly, the type of closure of a shoe is also important when it comes to the right fit. If you have a high instep for instance, a derby closure (with three lace holes) may be more suitable for you than a closure with five lace holes.

Belt size

Our belts are available in three different lengths: 95 cm, 100 cm and 105 cm. The length is measured all around while the belt is closed in the third hole. When measuring the entire length of the belt, you start from the buckle (at the end where the leather part begins) up to the third hole.


Contact our customer service

If you have more detailed questions on our sizeguide, we recommend you get in touch with us via e-mail or phone +31 (0) 13 51 36 940. This way, we can tend to your more specific questions. We are available on working days between 9 am and 5.30 pm.